Andre Roberson Radio Show

Andre Lafelle Roberson has evolved into one of the most hard working and respected entertainers in the music and motion picture industries today. On top of that Andre finds the time to help the community he loves with his non profit organization Power Of One Foundation.

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Brian Weiner for Sizzle Sells

Sizzle is a marketing platform and financial technology that is disruptive to the way traditional marketing companies operate operate. (i.e. covering overhead, expensive processes to get commercials, ads, product offers to market, etc.)

Brian Weiner, as the founder and CEO of The Illusion Factory, has four decades of experience in producing, packaging, and marketing high-quality franchise-oriented entertainment properties for companies such as Warner Bros., Paramount, Fox, IMAX, Disney and many other major studios and broadcast agencies.


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Tunisia Offray: Women, Wealth, Warriors

Tunisia Offray is the founder of Women, Wealth, Warriors, a platform to support women entrepreneurs and women in business. Tunisia’s goal for creating Women Wealth Warriors is to provide women with the support, resources, and encouragement needed to step out and create the life they envision for themselves through entrepreneurship.

She successfully built Offray Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, and later went on to establish Prestige Insurance and Financial Services. Both businesses continue to be successful to date. Tunisia is also a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor to witch she has a passion for helping others through teaching, motivating, and inspiring families who have experienced domestic violence.

Tunisia has done all this while being a single parent of 4 amazing and beautiful children.

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