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Barbara Beach.

Vinny Roc Podcast

Vincent Vargas is a writer and actor, known for Range 15, The Long Way Back (2016), John Came Home and Dads in Parks (2016), and the Drinking Bros Podcast.

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Richard Cabral Mayans MC

Had a moment to talk shop with my man and new mentor Richard Cabral!

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So-Cal Drinkin Bro

Spent some time in Los Angeles and had a moment to catch up with a local Drinkin bro! 

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Acting...Vinny Thinking

Acting... Something I never expected to be a craft that would open my soul.... I know some of the world sees me in a way they couldn’t possible fathom me being terrified of acting.
As I too thought it would be easy to step into Hollywood and be good at it because a lot comes easy to me... My life has been a playground...

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Rocco and Clayton

Rocco sits down with special quest, actor Clayton Cardenas. Where they discuss what it is like becoming an actor. Check out Clayton's website.
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Warfighter Tobacco is here!

The Warfighter Tobacco boys are in the house! We are talking shop and drinking a little to much Leadslingers Whiskey!

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Strange things

On this episode, Rocco and Caz give shoutouts to some of their friends and talk about strange things in this world.

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The Conversation

This is an open conversation between me and an old friend between the controversy of kneeling during the national anthem. Your chance to hear both sides of the debate. The audio was done on a different platform, please excuse the quality.

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Border Patrol

Rocco discusses what led him to become a Border Patrol Agent along with training, and a few good stories. If you are interested in becoming a Border Patrol Agent click the link below.


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This 2 part episode is on the serious side. Rocco was asked by a good buddy to discuss the differences in leadership from Garrison to Combat. This was not intended to be a podcast episode, but to heck with it. We're giving it to you anyway. Hopefully you can take something out of it and apply it to an aspect of your life.

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Dads, Acting, Movies, Aliens...

Rocco tells a great story about his Father and discusses how he got into acting and good movies

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Rocco discusses business, how he got to where he is, and some of the ventures upcoming in the future. Thank you for listening and don't forget to follow us on social media.

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Rocco discusses the importance of fitness and his own issues on the subjects. Thank you for listening and don't forget to follow us on social media. 

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