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Barbara Beach.

Vinny Roc Podcast

Vincent Vargas is a writer and actor, known for Range 15, The Long Way Back (2016), John Came Home and Dads in Parks (2016), and the Drinking Bros Podcast.

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We talk about the 22 with Vince Rockwell

I believe the concept of "Suicide Awareness" for the Veteran community has past. The world knows... Its now time for Suicide Prevention. But how??? I have some ideas on this.... Check it out!

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The Drinking Culture...

It been the #1 issue in my many years of experience when dealing with Veterans and Struggle. Here is my opinions on the subject. Check it out!

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Eli Cuevas on the MIC

We talk about all the over seas success Brothers in Arms is having over seas and talk about TWITCH

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We are not stuck... There are no excuses...

Just been frustrated with the mindset of blaming others... Look in the mirror. We are the creators of our own calamity.

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Michael Broderick tells us about his LIFE!

Michael Broderick tells us about his LIFE! He talks about Acting, Music, Family....

Check it out! Michael Broderick

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Jamie Kaler in the house

One of my mentors in the acting game and one of the funniest dudes I know! If you want to check out more of his stuff check out the DadLands!

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Clayton Cardenas, 2 We sit down again

You know the man, we get the sit down and chat again..

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My wife steps in to chat

We talk about our life and going through IVF treatments.

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Death of our family dog

The family is dealing with a hard time in losing our little Xena. but there is a lesson to be learned for sure.

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Mat Best on the MIC!

My boy Mat Best on the podcast. Make sure you go check out his new book "Thank You for My Service"

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