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Is There a Link Between UFOs and Exorcisms?

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk to UFO researcher Paul Eno about evidence that people who have undergone exorcisms also report a high number of UFO sightings.  Also, Switchblade Steve on Trevor Constable, a man who thought UFOs might be amoeba-like creatures living in our atmosphere.  Show security chief Willy Clubb reads a disturbing fan letter sent to Mack.  Plus, Ten More Questions for Juan-Juan. Special guests:  Famous DJ Jeff Lawrence, Pistol Pete Falconi and national correspondent, Emily M.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to Bob Jamison, whose father worked for the OSS during World War Two spiriting German scientists out of Europe and saving them from the Russians. Chuck Stansburge on his recent trip through the galaxy with his alien friends. Rock musician Carmen Sclafani calls in to talk about his latest album. Switchblade Steve on just how freaky the Nazis were; Emily M on Hitler’s obsession with cupcakes.

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SPECIAL SHOW – "The Mystery of the Gold-Filled Submarine"

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra look into the bizarre story of a French submarine, filled with gold, that went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Also, War Is Boring's Rob Beckhusen reports on the U.S. Navy's new controversial warship. Commander Cobra on a reported UFO dogfight above the U.K. Special Guest: Navy carrier pilot turned comedian, Mitch Stinson.

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“Now We Know What Washington Would Do If They Found a UFO” -- Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra discuss a startling revelation made by one of the show's intelligence contacts. Also, Rob Beckhusen on Who Let The Dogs Out in Dallas; Switchblade Steve on the classic Wales UFO flap. Plus, a Cobra vs Juan-Juan feud erupts.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Switchblade Steve discuss one of the most baffling military X-Files of World War Two: the Nazi's "unbreakable" Enigma coding machine. Also, the horrors of insurance companies, plus "Ten Questions for Juan-Juan," featuring Emily M.

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Mack, Juan-Juan & Cobra talk with an array of guests about the mysterious Mars-sized object discovered on the edge of the Solar System that might be heading for Earth. Is it a monstrous Alien Death Star or a natural object? Either way, would a collision wipe out life on Earth? Guests include Einstein-medium Barbara With & Voice of the Future, Jeff Lawrence.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra discuss the US Navy’s Aerial Demonstration Team and how they do what they do.  Also, remembering Art Bell.  An update on Switchblade Steve’s rising celebrity status.  Special guest: Voice of Boston Radio personality Jeff Lawrence.

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 Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk with Rob Beckhusen about weird weapons used in the war against ISIS. Author Marc Zappulla stops by and chats about his latest book. Phil Yebba, The UFO Comedian, delivers the yucks with his voice impressions. Cobra provides an update on a UFO known as the Dudley Dorito and Switchblade Steve reports on a remote viewing project that discovered what is reportedly a fabulous resort on the dark side of the moon.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk about secret military locations around the world, all with some kind of UFO history. Bases include S4, AUTEC, Pine Gap, Kapustin Yar, Rudloe Manor, the M-Triangle and more. Switchblade Steve and Emily M join the discussion.  Also, a special behind-the-scenes look at the gang recording a commercial.

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How to Listen to Spies on Your Radio

Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra discuss strange "Ghost Stations" that can be found on just about any radio transmitting instructions to spies around the world. Also, weird happenings during the Vietnam War, a visit from Dribbles the Psychic Clown, Emily M on her unusual cats, plus Switchblade Steve Ward on a disturbing UFO crash in Nazi Germany.

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The Dairy Queen UFO

The time gremlins once again wreak havoc as Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to guest Larry X about his fantastic close encounter with a UFO and running without pants in Germany. Switchblade Steve on another CE3 case from 1967.  Juan-Juan and Cobra take calls from admirers.

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In a special re-broadcast, Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to Emily Mittermaier about her experiences investigating Mothman and other paranormal phenomena. Rob Beckhusen on Russia's enormous flying battleships. The Ghost of JFK picks this week's winners in the Wingman 18 "Battle for America" book giveaway. Mack explains why his favorite TV show is "The Dark Side of Chimps." Author Marc Zappulla and UFO Comedian Phil Yebba make return appearances.

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