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50 Shades of Aliens

Mack & Pistol Pete talk to author Ray Szymanski about his book, "50 Shades of Greys," and his encounter with the Men in Black -- on a golf course. Also Rob Beckhusen on North Korea nuking the USA, and Commander Cobra talks about UFOs over secret Russian bases.

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Maury Island, the Men in Black & the NSA

Mack talks to correspondent Steve Ward about the bizarre Maury Island incident. Captain Knapsack explains how the NSA can break into your home computer easy-peazy. Rob Beckhusen on the chance of war with Russia in the next five years. Plus, Operation Distant Thunder with Commander Cobra featues less well-known stories about the Men in Black

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Best of Mack...

Mack, Commander Cobra and Switchblade Steve replay some of the best segments of the show.

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Surfing With The Hatman

Mack talks to UFO researcher and surf rock legend, Merrell Fankhauser about his new CD, "Signals from Malibu." Also psychic William Stillman discusses his childhood encounters with "Hatman," Rob Beckhusen on Russia's new "Terminator Tanks," and Commander Cobra on a new conspiracy concerning Iran's recent seizing of ten US sailors in the Persian Gulf.

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Counting Crows & UFOs

Mack talks to Matt Malley of the rock group Counting Crows about his UFO encounter. Also, Commander Cobra calls in while performing a secret op in Deadhorse, Alaska,Rob Beckhusen discusses a future war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, plus Charles Stansburge reports on his lastest galactic patrol with his friends, the Gray Aliens.

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UFOs, ESP and looking for Russian submarines

Mack talks with researcher Steve Hammons about the CIA's highly-classified Remote Viewing Program, where people with ESP were asked to look for hidden Soviet weapons but many times found UFOs instead. Also, Commander Cobra on the "12 little wars" NATO has fought against Russia over the years, Rob Beckhusen on secret weapons being used against ISIS, plus an archived interview with author "Nancy Two-Turtles" on how to talk to an alien.

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Heroes From Beyond

Mack & Pistol Pete interview psychic William Stillman who specializes in talking to military heroes who have passed on. Also Rob Beckhusen on Russia's Secret Space Cannon, a repeat of dinosaur hunter Ray Stanford's earlier interview, plus Commander Cobra on the alleged "Zionist Conspiracy."

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Three Heroes

In a Veterans Day tribute, Mack & Pistol Pete talk to veterans from World War Two, Vietnam and the Iraqi War. Also Rob Beckhusen on The Army's top secret "Moon Weapons," Mellanie Cadwell on the David Rountree Stolen Valor case, plus Commander Cobra on the Top Five most secret places on Earth.

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Who Killed Rod Serling?

Mack & Pistol Pete talk to Mike Pipher, an expert on Twilight Zone creator and former WW2 paratrooper, Rod Serling, about his troubles with Hollywood and why he died at such a young age.  Also, Commander Cobra on the "New World Order," Mary Joyce on military UFOs spotted over North Carolina, plus Rob Beckhusen on why Russian planes are falling out of the sky.

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Are Dinosaurs Buried Beneath the Pentagon?

Mack & Pistol Pete talk to Ray Stamford about amazing dinosaur finds under our nation's capital. Also, conspiracy enthusiasts Peter Morrell and Mark Zappula present the case that the Moon landings were faked, Commander Cobra provides evidence to both support and refute their claim, Nancy du Tettre reveals how to talk to an alien and Researcher Paul Eno reports about a haunted house in Connecticut that is also a hot spot for UFO sightings.
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Nick Redfern and The Hammer

Mack and the gang talk to paranormal author and researcher Nick Redfern about the JFK assassination,  government conspiracies and grizzly bears with no hair. Also Commander Cobra updates us on the Distant Thunder project and Steve "The Hammer" Hammons discusses a link between Bigfoot and UFOs.

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"UFOs, Jet Packs & George W Bush

In Mack's first show back at KGRA, he & Race talk to investigator Ken Cherry about a UFO incident in which an enormous flying saucer flew over President George Bush's Texas ranch while being pursued by F-16s. Also, Commander Cobra, Rob Beckhusen, Cindy Baily Dove, and Mellanie Cadwell on a disturbing "Stolen Valor" case.
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