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Fried Noodles From Outer Space

Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk about KAL 007, the Korean airliner shot down by the Russians in 1983 and why a U.S. spy plane in the same area that night might have been the intended target. Also, Dr. Lira Kay calls in for the gang’s yearly “ego check-up” and the results are frightening. Special guest: Karyn Dolan

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Do Urinals Work in Outer Space?

Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch count down the Top Ten Paranormal Writers of the modern age. Friend-of-show Larry Stone talks about a recent bizarre traffic light incident plus the upside of having a urinal in your home. Researchers Lynne Nickerson & Willy Hassell report on a secret meeting of extraterrestrials at a resort in Italy. Switch on the Mystery of Flight 19. Special guest, Ella the Psychic.

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In Search of Bad UFO Movies

Hunter, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk to empath & paranormal researcher Valerie Lofaso about how best to contact a ghost. Also, Top Ten Good & Bad UFO movies. Special Guests: UFO Comedian Phil Yebba & movie star, Christopher Walken.

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Ghost Islands of the South Pacific

Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk with editor and literary agent Jim Frenkel about how not to write a book on UFOs. Friend of the show Bob Hetsko reports on a half-mile long UFO videotaped over Colorado’s San Luis Valley. Switch on mysterious islands that appear and then suddenly disappear in the Pacific. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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The Mad Scientists of the Pentagon

In a special show, Mack talks with Sharon Weinberger, author of the best-selling, “The Imagineers of War – the Untold Story of DARPA.” This little-known military agency invented the Internet, Stealth fighters, precision weapons, Siri…as well as a mechanical elephant, a rubber airplane and a combat helmet that would allow soldiers to read minds. Also, Mack is interviewed about what goes on behind-the-scenes with the MMMX-Files gang and why the origin of the show is still classified. Special Guest: Steve Ward.

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Ella & the Three Voices

Mack, Juan-Juan & Switch talk to Dr. Louis Turi about his work in Astropsychology and his UFO abduction experiences. Long-time super-fan & pilot LJ Lilliman calls in to talk about her unopened collection of Wingman books. Ella the Psychic guesses what Switch, Security Chief Willy Clubb and Pistol Pete look like just by hearing their voices. Switch reports on people seeing strange things in the sky that aren’t UFOS.

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The Other Side of Mars

Mack, Cobra & Switch talk with producer Gary Shoefield about the Alien Autopsy movie, his hit pop-star hologram shows and his son, Luke Brandon Field, who stars in the Oscar-winning movie, Jojo Rabbit. Also, LA publicist Heather Burgett on her grandfather’s miraculous final bombing mission in a B-17 and what it’s like to be visited by a ghost. Plus, Switch reports on a remote viewing experiment that found ancient structures on Mars.

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Get Ready To Rumble: STAR WARS vs STAR TREK

In a special show, Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk to authors Marc Cushman (Star Wars) and John Jackson Miller (Star Trek) about which iconic franchise is more awesome. Also, Switch with a new Report from the Fringe and Ella the Psychic tries to guess what Switch, Pistol Pete & Willy Clubb look like just by hearing their voices.

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What To Do When There’s an 800-pound Exotic Dancer in the Room

In a special show, Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch welcome empath Valerie Lafaso to the Distant Thunder studios. Switchy talks about a UFO found with only dead people aboard. Rev. Matt Silberman & his wife Tanya reveal the many levels of universal consciousness and why it’s unwise to counsel an 800-pound exotic dancer. Also, 10 Questions for Juan-Juan. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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What’s so Tacky about the Tic-Tac Video?

Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk about the U.S. Navy’s famous Tic-Tac UFO video and why it might have been cooked up by the Pentagon itself. UFO writer and researcher Karyn Dolan surprises Juan-Juan on the air. A preview of the new “Mack After Dark” segment plus 10 questions for JJ. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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In a highly requested show, Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchblade Steve talk to Experiencer Barbara With about her encounters with a man who could make anchors float. Also -- Cindy Bailey Dove on the world’s most frightening drone. Switchblade Steve with a bizarre Men in Black episode. Plus, Ten Questions for Juan-Juan and Week 2 of the Big Mack Trivia contest. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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In one of the most controversial MMMX episodes ever, Mack, Juan-Juan, Agent X and Switchblade Steve moderate a no-holds-barred discussion between CIA agent Jason Hanson and the mysterious Sandy Zhang who may or may not be a Chinese government spy. Special guests: Pistol Pete, Nurse Kayla & Meaghan Reagan.

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