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Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra talk with Ross Sharp on a village in England that gets hundreds of UFO reports every year. Psychic Bill Stillman discusses his new book. Teraak the Fabulous Alien correctly predicts the Super Bowl score. The Black Eyed Kid calls to harass Juan-Juan. Emily M reports on the UFO that kidnapped an American fighter jet. Switchblade Steve's celebrity status increases. Special guest: Author Marc Zappulla.

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In a highly requested replay, Mack, Juan-Juan & Cobra talk with an array of guests about the mysterious Mars-sized object discovered on the edge of the Solar System that might be heading for Earth.  Is it a monstrous Alien Death Star or a natural object? Either way, would a collision wipe out life on Earth? Guests include Einstein-medium Barbara With & Voice of the Future, Jeff Lawrence.  Also, the gang gets their rap names.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to Teraak, an NFL-loving alien from 44 light years away on the upcoming Super Bowl LII. Gary Olsen, author of “The 15 Geniuses Behind the Scenes,” on Hollywood’s best sci-fi directors. Dribbles the Clown on his new book, “Walk a Mile in My Big Shoes.”  Emily M on a classic UFO sighting during the Korean War. Switchblade Steve reveals what it’s like to be a celebrity.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with UFO researcher Mary Joyce about recent UFO sightings over North Carolina. Cindy Bailey Dove on the U.S. military’s plans to utilize sex robots.  Emily M on a frightening encounter between a U.S. Air Force bomber and two UFOs. Switchblade Steve on sightings of a massive UFO over Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and the English Channel.  Juan-Juan’s experiment with "special" jellybeans goes awry. Special guest: Pistol Pete.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk to author Ellie Maloney (no relation) about her book “329 Years Awake” which links UFOs with the JFK Assassination. Switchblade Steve on the Ontario Triangle and UFOs hiding in Earth’s orbit. Cobra on what it’s like to fly through the Bermuda Triangle. The gang’s studio gets mood lighting.  Juan-Juan returns from his secret mission

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The Mystery of the ‘Mothman Bridge

Mack, Commander Cobra & UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo talk to paranormal researcher, lecturer and TV personality, Marc D’Antonio.  Switchblade and Emily M report on the 50-year-anniversary of the collapse of the Silver Bridge, a disaster some link to the famous Mothman sightings. Meanwhile, Juan-Juan continues his secret mission.

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Every Day Should Be Veterans Day

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk to Iraqi War veterans Luke Hartmetz and Mellanie Ramsey about their tours of duty. Cobra tells of his own experiences flying over The Sandbox. The gang remembers the famous Doolittle Raid. Navy pilot/stand-up comedian Mitch Stinson calls in to bring the funny. Special in-studio guest: Agent X.

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In a special broadcast, the MMMX-Files team looks into the recently-disclosed U.S. military project studying UFOs.  Mack on why the Government has been lying to us all along.  Cobra talks about the classified program from a pilot’s point of view. Switchblade reports on the mysterious connection to the Skinwalker Ranch. Emily M on past government attempts to identify UFOs.  Meanwhile, Juan-Juan begins his own secret project.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to Bob Jamison, whose father worked for the OSS during World War Two spiriting German scientists out of Europe and saving them from the Russians. Chuck Stansburge on his recent trip through the galaxy with his alien friends. Rock musician Carmen Sclafani calls in to talk about his latest album. Switchblade Steve on just how freaky the Nazis were; Emily M on Hitler’s obsession with cupcakes.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with Ross Sharp about an enormous structure built near Stonehenge almost 5,000 years ago. Show security supervisor Willy Clubb reveals a disturbing love letter sent to Juan-Juan. Cindy Bailey Dove on the future of sports drones. Rock star Merrell Fankhauser on his new Hollywood connection. Switchblade Steve on a woman who went to Mars. Emily M on secrets of the Ouija Board. Special guest Barbara With calls in from Paris.

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The Trillion Dollar Mistake Revisited

Mack, Juan-Juan. Cobra & Rob Beckhusen of "War is Boring," talk about America's latest jet fighter, the F-35 Lightning II and how some say US taxpayers paid more than $1 trillion for a plane that doesn't fly. Also, Juan-Juan reports on the mysterious town of Ong's Hat, New Jersey and Switchblade Steve Ward tells the story of a top official in the RAF making contact with aliens.

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Star Trek, Bomb-Sniffing Elephants and The Mysterious Case of Agent X

Mack & Cobra talk to Rob Beckhusen about more wacky military weapons, Star Trek's "Tuvok," (aka actor Tim Russ) calls in to chat, Switchblade Steve reports on a ghostly RAF pilot, more news about a TV cooking show funded by the CIA, and special in-studio guest Agent X, former Army Intelligence officer and currently working with America's three-letter government agencies, has no answer when asked if he ever saw any evidence of UFOs during his black ops career.

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