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Grand Magazine 11 Teens Die From This Daily


More deaths are caused by texting and driving… ELEVEN TEENS A DAY are dying!

"Our nation is in the midst of a safety crisis when it comes to distracted driving."
Drive Alert is the remarkable and potentially lifesaving cell phone app that prevents your child from texting, calling, or browsing on their cell phone when they are in a moving vehicle. Click here to learn more


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Grand Magazine Keeping Peace in the Streets

Imagine hearing the voices and seeing images through a child's eye when it comes to world peace. This is the vision of Carole Sumner Krechman,Chairman of an organization and festival that bring young filmakers to the United Nations,


The Peacemaker Corps Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to teaching children around the world how to make Peace in the Streets. PCA is a United Nations NGO with ECOSOC status TO learn more follow this link:7

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Seattle Sutton on Nutrition and Weight Loss

.logoIt was worry for her father's health that prompted a young Seattle Sutton to focus on nutrition. A career in nursing cemented hwer concerns for people's health...especially the overweight.  She started a small family business which now is coast to coast in serving fresh made meals that are delivered to clients front doors. These nutrition and calorie balanced meals are also made to be delicious so the folks using the plan do not go through the typical yo yo dieting.

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GRAND-Road Scholar

An adventure of a life time awaits you with Road Scholar. Can you imagine taking your grandchild to Paris or Istanbul? How about a river cruise following the Mississippi or a tour through America's national parks.Today on GRAND we talk to JoAnn Bell Senior VP of Programs about the impact these grand vacations can have. Road Scholar does intergenerational trips as well as programs for individuals and couples who want to see the world from the inside out!

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Grand welcomes Donnie Davis and the GaGa Sisterhood

The GaGa Sisterhood is a social network for enthusiastic, creative, caring women who indulge in the joy of being grandmothers. 

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Grand talks to Donnie Davis and the GaGa Sisterhood

The Mission of the GaGa Sisterhood

  • Explore what it means to be a grandma today—both the joys and challenges.
  • Share wisdom and resources that foster understanding between grandmas and their adult children.
  • Inspire grandmas to continue growing along with their children and grandchildren.


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With Geust Barbara Brady
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Grand talks to Christy Ziglar Kids making good choices

Niece of the famous Zig Ziglar,Christy Ziglar helps grandparents and parents open the conversation with children about making good choices.The second title in the Shine Bright Kids series, Must-Have Marvin!, teaches children that people are more important than things.

Marvin loves new things -- he especially loves finding the latest, greatest, most awesome new things! Soon Marvin finds himself focusing on a new toy that he wants, to the exclusion of his friends. He lets them down when they need his help and nearly loses their friendship. Through a chat with a wise neighbor and a second chance to help, Marvin learns the important life lesson that people are more important than things. Ages 4-8.

About Shine Bright Kids: Choose Right. Shine Bright. The Shine Bright Kids series provides children and their families with a framework to teach the importance of making good choices.

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