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Barbara Beach.

Eddie Paul's Tool Talk

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Tool Talk with David Marder


David Marder was the Transportation coordinator/production supervisor for The Fast and the Furious  and 2 Fast 2 Furious as well as may other movies such as xXx. He has worked in the film business over 40 years. Mostly on blockbuster automotive projects. Dave also brought Eddie Paul one of his first movie projects and helped get him into the film business. And they are still friends.


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Tool Talk with Ron Covell

Ron has spent much of his career working on street rods and custom motorcycles. His cars have won America's Most Beautiful Roadster awards at the Grand National Roadster Show twice, and he has done work on several other cars to win this coveted award, as well as many other awards at car shows across the country.http://www.covell.biz/
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Tool Talk with Bernard Juchli from Jay Leno's Big Dog garage

Bernard Juchli is General Manager of Jay Leno's BIG DOG Garage and as such is charged with keeping the garage running smoothly. He supervises all the employees,  and makes sure that Jay's car are repaired and maintained properly. He fabricates a lot of parts, especially for the pre-war cars when there are no new parts available. This is usually accomplished through reverse engineering or by designing a new part.He has a complete machine shop at his disposal to accomplish 

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Tool Talk with MADercycles Mark Dugalley

Mark Dugalley of MADercycles : Who is MADercycles

  Take a look around. Open a magazine. How many builders do you see pushing the limits of different? How many bikes do you look at that make your jaw drop, literally? If you are looking for a Wide tired, chromed out, skulls and flames trailer queen, then we can point you out to 29 other shops who can help you out. If you want to snap necks so hard you will have to keep your lawyers business card on hand at all times, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Tool Talk Vrrrrooooms with RoadsterCycle

Eddie Welcomes Jack Fleming and a look into RoadsterCycle.

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Tru-Line's Lesley Cook

When car manufacturers make life crazy Tru-Line makes wheel line adaptation make sense!For More on Tru-Line  

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Tool Talk :Solarez makes Fiberglass Fun

Eddie Paul welcomes Solarze founder as the guys talks about working with Fibergla....the easy way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OA2f0NjFuk 

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