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Barbara Beach.

Pet Health Radio

Hosted by seasoned talk host, collie breeder and horse lover, Barbara Beach, the show also features veterinarians from the Drs. Foster & Smith company and expert guests in the fields of training, travel, breeding and other areas of interest to pet lovers.

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Regular Dental Cleanings for Your Pet.. Pt 1

Periodontal Disease is not just in humans and is certainly not for the birds, BUT, it may be affecting your pet! Find out why and what you need to do to protect your companion animals.

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Regular Dental Cleanings for Your Pet.. Pt 2

How many teeth does the average dog and cat have, what purpose do they serve and what the care of your animal companion's mouth can mean to their overall health with expert veterinarians from Doctors Foster & Smith.

Regular Dental Cleanings for Your Pet.. Pt 3

Doctors Foster & Smith resident expert veterinarian discusses the importance of regular dental cleanings for your pet.

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Testing & Treating Your Pet for Heartworm

Heartworm is a very serious disease carried by mosquitos that can affect your dog or cat, other small species of animal and in rare instances humans. Find out how to prevent this parasite and save your pets life!

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Preventing & Treating Lyme Disease in Your Pet PT 1

Preventing your pets from getting ticks is your best and first line of defense against Lyme Disease. Find out what methods should be used and how to treat your four legged friends if they are showing signs of Lyme Disease.

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Preventing & Treating Lyme Disease in Your Pet PT 2

Lyme Disease is caused by ticks (most commonly the deer tick) and can affect humans and dogs alike. Find out what causes this disease, symptoms and how you can test your dog for this potentially serious disease.

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FUR-st Class Pet Care in the Air

Traveling with your pet is an important and often overlooked part of air travel. Learn how one airline takes pet travel very seriously.

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The Importance of Water for Pet First Aid

Water is crucial to many aspects of health for both humans and pets alike. Learn the signs & symptoms of heat stroke as well as proper tips for traveling and more.

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How to Treat and Prevent Sunburn in Your Pets

Did you Know your dog or cat can get sunburn? It's true. Find out what steps you as a pet owner should take to prevent your pet from the dangers and health concerns that come along with a sunburn.

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How to Housebreak Your Pet (Part 1)

Ultimately, dogs want to please their owners. Find out why well-behaved, trained animals make happier, healthier pets.
Also Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about training your dog from a world famous dog trainer.

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How to Housebreak Your Pet (Part 3)

Housebreaking your pet is where training begins. Learn proper ways to housebreak your four-legged friend with Doctors Foster and Smith resident vets.

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