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Late Night Health Radio

Late Night Health Radio offers a unique, entertaining and informative listening opportunity, while providing an upscale active audience for advertisers. Hosted by Mark Alyn, discusses all aspects of health from a consumers point of view.

Late Night Health features healthcare experts from a variety of traditional and alternative healthcare fields. Putting listeners in the driver’s seat of making healthcare decisions, Late Night Health offers diverse topics from experts throughout the world. Guests from around the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Canada and Israel regular share information on Late Night Health.

Late Night Health covers a myriad of health and wellness topics including dealing with diabetes, weight-loss, obesity and cancer to the latest practices in pain management, stress reduction, preventative health care and even how “ObamaCare” affects all Americans.

In addition to radio show listeners can visit www.latenighthealth.com for all archived shows, along with information about our guests. The Late Night Health Youtube Channel launches in late 2013 with a variety of videos relating to health. Check us out at www.latenighthealth.com.

For a look behind the scenes visit: http://www.latenighthealth.com/a-peek-behind-the-scenes.html 

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LNH with Paramahansa Jagadish

Jagadish has dedicated his life to awakening others' hearts to experience Divine Grace, the source of all transformation, healing and release from undesired patterns. His level of self-realization, combined with a lifetime of study and service, distinguishes him from other healers and truly makes him a "healer's healer."
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LNH with guest Tal Givoly, Coe and cofounder of Medivizor

Medivizor: Improve the lives of people with serious or chronic medical conditions and of those who care for them. Effectively apply software and the social web to the field of health for the betterment of humanity
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LNH with guest Dr. Mickey Barber

Dr. Barber offers an integrative approach to age management medicine while providing the patient with assessment of hormonal balance and overall health and disease risk.

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Women’s sexual heath

With guest Laurie Steelsmith co-writer of  Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman's Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality through the Secrets of Natural Medicine.
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LNH with guest Dr. Matthew Budoff MD

Dr. Matthew Budoff MD is a Cardiologist and Program Director and Director of Cardiac CT, Division of Cardiology, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, He is also affiliated with the Ronald Reagan University of California Los Angeles Medical Center.
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On the Heart

Dr. Phil Adamson director and founder of the Congestive Heart Failure Treatment Program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Dr. William Bill Abraham is director of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and a professor of internal medicine, physiology and cell biology at The Ohio State University Medical Center.
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LNH continues with Joyce Lillis the Food Whisperer

Joyce Lillis auther of Stop the Torment, conquer your relationship with food

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LNH with guest Joyce Lillis the Food Whisperer

Joyce Lillis auther of the book Stop the Torment, Conquer your relationship with food.

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LNH talk to the creater of Rootology

Simar Singh is the Founder & CEO at Rootology, supports against congestion, sneezing, sinus pressure, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, cough and headache

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LNH talks about kids and allergies

Today LNH talks about kids and there allergies, and how parents can prepare them for summer camp

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LNH with guest Rinaldo Brutoco and Laurie Steelsmith

Rinaldo Brutoco creater of Aloe Cadabra 

Laurie Steelsmith co writer of Great Sex, Naturally Every Woman's Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality

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LNH with guest Rinaldo Brutoco and Laurie Steelsmith

Rinaldo Brutoco creater of Aloe Cadabra, The only personal lubricant made from 95% certified organic Aloe Vera and enriched with a special blend of natural ingredients.

Laurie Steelsmith co writer of Great Sex, Naturally Every Woman's Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine

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