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Late Night Health Radio

Late Night Health Radio offers a unique, entertaining and informative listening opportunity, while providing an upscale active audience for advertisers. Hosted by Mark Alyn, discusses all aspects of health from a consumers point of view.

Late Night Health features healthcare experts from a variety of traditional and alternative healthcare fields. Putting listeners in the driver’s seat of making healthcare decisions, Late Night Health offers diverse topics from experts throughout the world. Guests from around the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Canada and Israel regular share information on Late Night Health.

Late Night Health covers a myriad of health and wellness topics including dealing with diabetes, weight-loss, obesity and cancer to the latest practices in pain management, stress reduction, preventative health care and even how “ObamaCare” affects all Americans.

In addition to radio show listeners can visit www.latenighthealth.com for all archived shows, along with information about our guests. The Late Night Health Youtube Channel launches in late 2013 with a variety of videos relating to health. Check us out at www.latenighthealth.com.

For a look behind the scenes visit: http://www.latenighthealth.com/a-peek-behind-the-scenes.html 

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The Magic of Sound (Part 1) - Christaria

Christaria - The Magic of Sound - Christaria, classical soprano and spiritual luminary, joins Mark for a dynamic discussion about the health benefits of something most of us don't think twice about: SOUND.
"We know from advancements in quantum physics that everything is energy and vibration. Everything. Even us," says Christaria. "And as a vibration and wave, sound is one of the most powerful tools we have for re-shaping and shifting our energy — from our emotional state to the health and harmony of our physical bodies. We are literally sitting on one of the most potent healing tools there is — our own voice."
Christaria shares with listeners how sound is currently utilized for healing in traditional, holistic, and esoteric ways. She explains that each of us has a personal energy system and how we can shift our state of being in moments with simple sounds. By opening our awareness and viewing sound in a whole new way, each of us has the ability to be a healer and "heart-opener" for ourselves and others.
Christaria inspires listeners to tap into their own voice to uncover and remember their authentic joy and vibrancy for living. Many are hungry for "more" — more peace, more prosperity, more purpose, more sensation — more of something we cannot identify. We seek these things through activity, acquisition, and achievement, but end up with persistent strife and stress. The truth is everything we need lies deep within ourselves, gently (or not so gently) waiting to be remembered and rekindled. This is our life's journey, with ultimate power and fulfillment coming to us when we live fully aligned with who we truly are in service to others.
"The greatest blessing you can give the world is the self-permission to be who you truly are," Christaria states. "Open your heart — and your mouth — and heal, igniting your passion and power within."
Learn more about Christaria's music and teaching at Christaria.com

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Travel & Networking (Part 1) - Anita Covic

Anita Covic - Born in Podgorica, Montenegro, Anita Covic has always had a love for traveling the globe. From Italy and France, to Spain, Greece, United Emirates, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and the United States, she has experienced the TripTogether.com social travel networking site to communicate with other travelers to secure valuable advice from locals including where to dine and shop. Covic understands that having a local connection when traveling opens doors to experience entertainment, nightlife, sporting events, art and more both in and outside of a city's limits while providing a way to escape common tourist traps.
It was spending her senior year of high school in New York as an exchange student that solidified Covic's love for living abroad. She specifically connected with the culture of New York City as, to her, it represents the main philosophy of life and diversity. She now calls New York City her second home.
Upon moving to New York for her career, Covic served as Public Relations Manager for Volta Group. She created and executed campaigns for the start-up by connecting with all major media and created and managing social media networks.
In Montenegro, she served as a journalist with the Daily Papers. She was responsible for collecting and analyzing macro-economic data, conduct research and editing articles.
TripTogether.com is a social platform connecting travelers around the world. The site motivates and inspires travelers to talk about trips, sites visited, recommendations and more.
TripTogether allows members to plan the trip, get advice from locals, find travel companions and share experiences. TripTogether has worked with over 300,000 travelers on over 60,000 planned trips in 150+ countries in 20,000+ cities across the globe. Visit www.triptogether.com/

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Christine Horner - The Warrior Goddess

Dr. Christine Horner, returns to talk with Mark about immunotherapy, an approach that uses your own personal immune system to control or eliminate cancer. Dr. Christine Horner, a leading expert on cancer prevention in the United States and author of the award winning book, "Waking the Warrior Goddess."
"A strong immune system can naturally recognize certain cancer cells and destroy them before they take hold," says Horner. "Other types of cancer cells are able to evade the immune system and this is what scientists are focusing their research on to determine how immune cells that can recognize and kill tumor cells emerge and how they can be encouraged to do more of that work in the body. Immunotherapy may be the treatment that turns the tide on cancer."
Horner offers offensive immune boosting strategies to lower the risk of cancer for men and women. Other techniques increase the chances of survival after being diagnosed.

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Dr. Bruce Roseman - The Addictocarb Diet

Dr. Bruce Roseman, author of The AddictoCarb Diet (BenBella Books, Inc.) contends that we all have some type of food addiction and shares his insights with Mark Alyn that most people just don't admit it they are addicted to certain foods! He discusses healthy diets and New Year's resolutions especially dropping unhealthy weight with the Late Night Health audience.
Roseman, who is affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, has identified 9 dangerous, highly addictive carbohydrates that stimulate the same pleasure centers in the brain that are targeted by notorious drugs like heroin and nicotine. Ingesting these carbs makes it almost impossible to eat in moderation and control weight gain, in the same way that hard drugs are extremely difficult to quit.
He is the first doctor to treat the overreliance on carbs as an addiction and his book provides suggestions for healthier food choices. It offers menus, recipes, and even mini-programs to "get back on the wagon" if a listener battling AddictoCarbs overindulges on occasion.
AddictoCarbs include bread, potatoes, pasta, and other staples of the American diet. Roseman highlights why these foods cause diabetes, one of America's leading scourges, and even lead to all types of cancers, including of the prostate and colon. His diet is not restrictive and allows reasonable portions of meat and fish and sizeable amounts of fruits.

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Dr. Jennice Vilhauer - Think Forward to Thrive

Jennice Vilhauer, PhD author of "Think Forward to Thrive" visits the Late Night Health crew. Dr. Vilhauer and Mark talk about New Year's resolutions - are they good or bad and why? Dr. Vilhauer also shares her thoughts on how to make good resolutions and how to keep them.
Is it truly your past that informs your life? Most people are stuck in reverse. Their memories of the past influence what they expect in the future and they act accordingly, which creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. They relive the past over again in their minds—thinking about and dreading what they DON'T want to experience.
In the landmark book Think Forward to Thrive: How to Use the Mind's Power of Anticipation to Transcend Your Past and Transform Your Life Dr. Jennice Vilhauer, Emory University psychologist, says you can train yourself to set your sights on the future, which can be the actual determination of your life to come. By thinking about and visualizing the future, the mind begins to create the problem-solving steps and thoughts that can actualize what you DO desire, not what you fear will occur from your past. In other words, it's time to step on the gas, and get out of reverse!

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Sonia Blangiardo - Cancer

Soap opera director Sonia Blangiardo joins Mark for a discussion about how cancer effects a family. The Carlo Blangiardo Foundation (www.carlosgoal.org) for pancreatic cancer research was founded in 2010, shortly after her brother Carlo died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 35. He battled the disease for three years.
The foundation was started for a multitude of reasons. First of all, Carlo was an amazing person. He was kind and generous with his time, was caring and compassionate, and he had a love for all who crossed his path. I wanted his name to live on so that everyone who was lucky enough to have had him in their lives, and his two surviving daughters, one of whom was born after he passed, can always feel like a part of him was still here. This isn't too difficult, because when Carlo was in a room, everyone knew it. He was sweet and charming and was always capable of captivating a crowd big or small, with his sense of humor and overall light heart.
Pancreatic cancer is a cancer with no cure. Part of the reason is that it is nearly impossible to detect until it is in an advanced stage. It is one of the leading causes of death. Its symptoms vary and are very ambiguous – nausea, weight loss, jaundice... just to name a few. Its cause is also very vague. Factors like family history, diabetes, being middle-aged and smoking (none of which by the way fit my brother's profile) are some of the few links to the disease.
When I started the foundation, I wanted to raise money and awareness in early detection. We need to find better tests so that by the time it is discovered, we can easily cease further development.
My goal is to make my brother's name equivalent to Susan G. Komen in the pancreatic cancer world. I want his life...and death...to have had had the significance and meaning it deserved. The pain he went through as he fought this battle tooth and nail for three years before ultimately losing, is a pain I want to take away from others in the future. I know with complete certainty, he would have wanted the same.

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