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Barbara Beach.

Your Family Matters

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Health Happiness Fitness and Connection to Health Information

Three special guests talk about fitness and happiness. Special Guest Tal Givoly talks about Medivizor  a service that allows patients to connect with information on their specific health issues. www.medivizor.com

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Family Matters


 Erika Laxis-Consciousness Shift Expert, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Upcoming Book Journey to Deliberate Creation joins YOUR FAMILY MATTERS.


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Movie Producer James Twyman and Author Karen Rooney on Family Matters

James Twyman talks about his upcoming movie Redwood Highway. James is the voice for ageless cinema and putting more positive messages into movies for boomers and seniors.  He is on a mission to get 1 million signatures  on a  petition to the studios to make better films and ones that Seniors can relate to. In this interview we get up close and personal with James and what got him into this crusade. 

Joining the show is Karen Rooney  Author of the award-winning book : Proud Parent's Guide to raising Athletic, Balanced, and Coordinated Kids.
Karen talks about when should parents introduce kids to sports and how to keep them hooked once interested.

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One To Many In Your Bed?

Dr Dawn Huebner  talks to Dr K and Amber about booting the babies out of bed. With Halloween on the horizon things are getting spooky and many parents find a few extra bodies in their bed. Practical suggestions for overcoming the seasonal boogy man syndrom.

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Family Matters with Stephen J. King

Motivational Speaker and Author Stephen J. King Discusses How to Re-Boot Your Life.

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Family Matters with Shae Gawlak & Anna Sinnett

" Childhood Obesity Update: Tips to get your family into shape "

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DR J of the Ruth Institute Don't We All Want a Happy Marriage?

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. is the founder and President of the Ruth Institute — a project of the National Organization for Marriage — which seeks to promote life-long married love to college students by creating an intellectual and social climate favorable to marriage. She is also the Senior Research Fellow in Economics at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

Our second guest talks about a different kind of family member... a family dog. Guest John Rubin of John's Natural Dog Training in San Diego California. Get the facts from a top trainer on how to select the perfect dog.



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Celebrating Grandparents Day with GRAND Magazine Christine Crosby

Grand Magazine  is THE publication for grandparents and its founder Christine Crosby talks about the importance of the grandparent and how many grandparents are now the primary caregiver in many families.  www.grandmagazine.com


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Deb Jensen/Complex Family Relationships and J.Gerry Purdy on Cyber Bullying

In Part 1  Doctor K and Amber talk to Deborah Jensen, Relationship Expert and Author of “Beyond Escape” Do parents favor one child over another?

In Part 2 Technology and combating Cyber Bullying an indepth conversation with J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. Chief Mobility Strategist, Compass Intelligence

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Teenage Trends,Two Experts Chime In

005 nadine lajoie1-199x300Guest Nadine Lajoie, World Renowned Leadership Speaker, International Award-Winning Entrepreneur, and America’s High Speed Success Coach, Author of #1 Best-Seller “Win the Race of Life..” talks about a disturbing new teenage trends www.NadineRacing.com 

Guest Fred Goodall,Out of one mans quest to be a better father came "Mocha Dad" www.mochadad.com unnamed


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