Wednesday, 08 November 2017 14:01

It's All About The Vets Interview with Senator Jon Tester

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    Senator Jon Tester 
    Veterans Advocate
    When it Comes to Veterans Bipartisian is the operative word


    From rural Montana to Capital Hill Senator Jon Tester is third-generation farmer, a proud grandfather and a former school teacher who has deep roots in hard work, responsibility and accountability. he serves on many committees including the Senate Appropriations Committee which is one of the most influential committees in Congress.Senator Tester brings the Montana values of accountability, responsibility and transparency to his work. His work on the subcommittees, Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies (Vice-Chair)  has given Tester the reputation as the Veterans


    Living up to the promises made to the heroes who served our nation in the military is Senator Tester's first priority in his work on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee.  In addition to securing better physical and mental health care for veterans and their families, this committee considers policy related to pensions, vocational training, education, and other matters.

    A quick glance at the Senators Advocacy for Veterans:

    NOVEMBER 2, 2017